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This software package provides convenience functions around Stan (CmdStanR), Torsten, and PKPDsim. The goal of the package is to make it easier to full-Bayesian inference in the context of model-informed precision dosing.

The software is intended for use in education and research, and is not intended for clinical use. By design, this package does not include functionality that directly provides dosing advice.

Installation and getting started

Install the latest version of PKPDposterior using remotes or devtools:


PKPDposterior depends on Torsten and Stan. If you don’t already have these software working, follow the instructions for installing Torsten. Then, add the file path to your Stan installation location to your environment variables.

Sys.setenv(CMDSTAN = "path/to/Torsten/cmdstan")

To avoid running the above command every time you restart your R session, consider adding this environment variable to your .Renviron or other configuration file.


We welcome input from the community:

  • If you think you have encountered a bug, please submit an issue on the GitHub page. Please include a reproducible example of the unexpected behavior.

  • Please open a pull request if you have a fix or updates that would improve the package. If you’re not sure if your proposed changes are useful or within scope of the package, feel free to contact one of the authors of this package.


The functionality in this R package is provided “as is”. While its authors adhere to software development best practices, the software may still contain unintended errors.

InsightRX Inc. and the authors of this package can not be held liable for any damages resulting from any use of this software. By the use of this software package, the user waives all warranties, expressed or implied, including any warranties to the accuracy, quality or suitability of InsightRX for any particular purpose, either medical or non-medical.

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